Livaux® is produced in New Zealand by pioneering nutraceutical company Anagenix.

Conceived in 2007, in response to the growing consumer demand for naturally-derived supplements and functional foods with health benefits, Anagenix makes products that leverage the higher levels of bioactives found in fruits and plants grown in New Zealand.

All ingredients developed by Anagenix are traceable to their growing region and scientifically substantiated through robust research.

Anagenix has a partnership with Plant & Food Research New Zealand, one of the largest horticultural scientific research organisations in the world. Plant & Food Research New Zealand provides scientifically validated information that allows consumers to understand what they’re eating and what the health benefits are.

When research by Plant & Food Research reveals a new opportunity for a nature-based nutraceutical, Anagenix is one of the preferred partners to develop a related product and take it to the global market. The products developed and manufactured by Anagenix are distributed to supplement and health food companies worldwide.

Anagenix also works closely with a number of other research and science providers, including universities in New Zealand and the USA.